Policies, Terms of service, and Copyright

This is all the legal stuff so, it’s a bit boring…BUT…necessary.


All content and information on the “Brettervideo.com websites” are Copyrighted by the respective owners
of such Copyrights, and are protected by U.S. Copyright and international copyright and trademark laws.
Any use of any of the content appearing throughout this site without the express written consent of
Brettervideo.com (or respective owners of the content), as appropriate, is strictly prohibited.
All Virtual Tours and photos created, taken and produced by Brettervideo.com or any of its sister
companies remain the sole property of Brettervideo.com . You may grant your local MLS use of your license, however we
do reserve our shared copyright.

Each and every video is property of Brettervideo. Each video has full license to use for up to 3 years from date of publication online. Standard use generally defaults to one year use {from shoot date} in a specific medium unless terms are otherwise negotiated, in writing. License renewal can be reissued for an additional fee.

By sending any pictures of images to Brettervideo.com you are agreeing and stating that you have all
necessary permissions to use the image and that you own the copyright to the images.

Brettervideo.com reserves the right to reference and link to the finished (Virtual Tour or pictures)
web site for any promotional reasons.

It is the policy of Brettervideo.com to respond expeditiously to claims of intellectual property
infringement and copyright claims. Brettervideo.com will promptly process and investigate notices
of alleged infringement and will take appropriate actions under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
(“DMCA”) and other applicable intellectual property laws. Notices of claimed infringement should be
directed to:

Terms of Service

Brettervideo.com will make its best efforts to provide quality, and uninterrupted hosting services for your
“Visual Open House” virtual tour or photo presentation however, this is not a guarantee. Brettervideo.com
will not be responsible for any damages caused by service interruption, outages or temporary delays. Brettervideo.com is not responsible for hosting any video unless specified in writing between brettervideo and you, the client. Unless there is an agreement in writing, any voiceover work is only good for one year. After one year a fee of 100 dollars per video will be administered to the client. This will allow the client to use the voice of the client for an additional 3 years. If there is no agreement in writing the client must take down the video at once.

Brettervideo.com : except in cases of extreme negligence claims no responsibility for the photographer’s
selection of shots and photos. Please advise the photographer of any special photos you would like included in
your tour.

Once your video is finished, it will be uploaded to the Brettervideo.com on youtube. The URL to the
tour will be sent to the email address we have on file for our customer. This URL can be used to create a link
from your own personal or company websites.

A copy of the video is not included in the exchange. A copy can be emailed to you, the client, for a fee. You may have full use of the video for the first year with no obligations. After one year (365 days) is complete a courtesy must be attached to the video with an active link to brettervideo.com. Failure to do so will violation of our agreement and you must take down the content immediately.

Once the script is approved by you, the client, and the commercial goes into production, there are NO RE-EDITS. Unless there is a factual error made by brettervideo.com and brettervideo.com is notified within 7 days time from the notification that the video is active on the web. Changes will only be made if there are factual errors sustained by brettervideo.com. Any error made by the client (you) will be considered an extra charge to have corrected.

All Copyright, images and media are the sole property of Brettervideo.com . We reserve all rights to these
images, media and content. Select images and media are made available to client until the tour hosting time has
expired, or one year. Whichever comes first. Raw footage is owned by brettervideo.com and will not be used or exchanged, in any capacity, in any way unless specified, in writing and agreed to by both parties. If you, the client, chooses to end the business agreement before production is finished, this will be considered a break in the contract and you will be responsible for paying for any losses in wages brettervideo.com may have suffered based the unauthorized contract termination.

Expiration Date

Over View:
Brettervideo.com videos are active on our server and network indefinitely. Each video is licensed for a finite period of time, between 1 to 3 years. After this period, all videos will be taken offline, while remaining on the server. Full indefinite license of videos can be negotiated after expiration.

Syndication / Linking
Because each website that we syndicate to is a company of its own the syndication list is subject to change
without notice. Brettervideo.com does not represent that all of these companies will display our tours at any
given time. Some of the companies listed have term limits and expiration times on listings submitted.
These times are determined by the listed companies and can range from 30 days to 6 months and can be
changed with out notice to our company. Brettervideo.com videos are syndicated and exposed through multiple
channels, which in its totality comprises of The Brettervideo.com Network. We attempt to syndicate the listing
through our network to all of the sites listed. however we do not guarantee each site will accept or post the
listing. We have had NO problems with any of the listed websites that we post the listings on.

Payments and Refunds ?

Payments: Due to the nature of our business. Payment is expected prior to or at the time of service unless
arrangements have been made in advance. Please contact us if you would like to set up an in-house account for

Refunds: Due to the nature of our business we do not offer refunds in any form.
After the order has been placed we are not in a position to refund any payments for any reasons. However it is our
practice to completely satisfy each customers concerns. Absolutely no refunds will be given to anyone who cancels a shoot less than 72 hours from the proposed shoot.


Brettervideo.com recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information about our
customers. Personal information includes all of the personally identifying information that is provided to

Use, Collection and Retention of Client Information
Brettervideo try these out.com collects, retains and uses only the information about our customers that is required by law
to administer the business and provide high-level services to our clients. We retain this information no longer
than necessary to meet these objectives.

Maintenance of Accurate Information
Brettervideo.com has established procedures so that a client’s financial information is accurate, current and
complete in accordance with reasonable commercial standards. Any request to correct inaccurate information
is responded to within a timely manner.

Protection of Information via Established Security Procedures.
Brettervideo.com maintains rigorous security standards and procedures regarding unauthorized access to customer information.

Maintaining Customer Privacy in Business Relationships with Third Parties
If it is necessary to provide personally identifiable customer information to a third party, Brettervideo.com
shall insist that the third party adhere to similar privacy principles that provides for keeping such information

Disclosure of Privacy Principles to Customers
Brettervideo.com customers have the right to know what information we keep about them and how the
information is used. Customers have the right to have any inaccurate information corrected or deleted.


Brettervideo.com will only provide each client with an Invoice for tax purposes. The paid invoice can be used as
your receipt for tax purposes and deductions. All that is required by law is for Brettervideo.com to provide you
with a receipt that includes our company name, address and contact information and amount paid. We do not
supply W-9 forms for our clients.

All payments must be made out to the company. “Brett Martin”

You will still be required to pay your invoice on time for services provided regardless of W-9 issues.

Brettervideo.com is in no way to be considered your companies sub contractors, employee or agent. We are a
serviced based business just like an automotive shop, beauty salon, auto body shop etc. Please use your invoice
receipt for any and all tax issues.

*Unless otherwise requested by client and agreed to by brettervideo.com

Brettervideo.com reserves all rights to update these Terms and Conditions at any time.